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Wendys Company Information

Wendy's Overview Restauranteur Dave Thomas founded Wendy's, a fast food chain, in 1969. Thomas wanted to create a ...

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Wendy's Overview

Restauranteur Dave Thomas founded Wendy's, a fast food chain, in 1969. Thomas wanted to create a restaurant where customers could depend on old-fashioned cuisine in the American diner style. Consequently, he focused on square-shaped hamburger patties to differentiate Wendy's from similar restaurants and to retain the throwback feel.

Today, Wendy's is known for the Frosty — a chocolate or vanilla ice cream treat that has slightly thicker consistency than a milkshake — and its diverse menu. Dave Thomas himself appeared in many national commercials for the brand, and his daughter, Wendy, has served as the restaurant chain's namesake and spokesperson. The company employs more than 30,000 people and generates over $2 billion in revenue.

Wendy's Job Opportunities

Most of the Wendy's job opportunities found throughout the United States involve positions in Wendy's restaurant franchises. Crew members, shift leaders, restaurant managers, and district managers all play an integral role in keeping the business running. Crew members might serve and cook food, clean the dining room, conduct inventory, and maintain sanitary practices in the kitchen.

Restaurant managers usually have experience in the food service industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), food service managers earn a median annual salary of $47,960. Food preparation and serving professionals earn less, averaging $8.85 per hour ($18,410 per year).

You can also find Wendy's job opportunities at the corporate level. Accounting, IT, legal, administrative, and maintenance positions offer some examples.

Wendy's Work Culture

Professionals who work at Wendy's restaurants can expect to work on their feet for a large percentage of the day. Workers who serve the public will interact with customers throughout the day, offering assistance with any concerns or complaints. Fast food jobs usually involve a high-energy, fast-paced environment.

Wendy's participates in several community outreach programs. They promote important causes, such as adoption and sustainable living. The company also honors high school athletes with scholarships.

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