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Zachry Group Overview The beginning of the Zachry group starts in 1924 in Laredo, Texas, when H.B. Zachry received a ...

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Zachry Group Overview

The beginning of the Zachry group starts in 1924 in Laredo, Texas, when H.B. Zachry received a contract to build four concrete bridges. Since then, the company has gone to new heights, becoming one of the premier names in turnkey construction projects.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, the Zachry group provides construction, engineering, maintenance, and fabrication services to clients around the country, with the primary focus on power, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. They currently have over 35 offices nationwide, operate in 400 different locations, and employ over 20,000 workers.

Zachry Group Job Opportunities

Because of the complexity of construction in the industrial, chemical, power, and manufacturing fields, many people from different backgrounds are necessary to complete a project. This includes laborers; journeymen who have a specific expertise such as boilermakers, inspectors, foremen; and anyone else that is on-site during the construction process.

Before the construction begins, however, a large team of people is necessary to design the building and its internal components. In offices around the country, engineers, architects, draftspeople, and designers put together a project that helps simplify processes for industrial companies.

There are also many office job opportunities for those without a specific expertise in construction. This includes basic accounting, payroll, finance, and administrative positions.

Zachry Group Work Culture

The work culture of Zachry Group differs a bit from other companies in that they actively pursue those who want to be part of something more than a job. They look for individuals with the correct mix of expertise, education, and character. They offer meaningful work, opportunities for advancement, and a team-based culture that promotes working with colleagues for the best possible outcome. To enhance the team atmosphere and education further, Zachry Group also started the Zachry Academy, which pushes further education, technical training, and team building, translating into creativity and innovation.

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