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Clarksville, TN Employment Information

Clarksville, Tennessee Overview Clarksville is the fifth largest city in Tennessee and serves as the county seat of ...

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Clarksville, Tennessee Overview

Clarksville is the fifth largest city in Tennessee and serves as the county seat of Montgomery County. Its population has grown almost 30 percent since 2000, to 146,802 in 2013. If this growth continues, Clarksville's population will surpass Chattanooga. More than half of Clarksville residents are homeowners, and the median household income is $47,305. The cost of living here is reasonable at 8 percent below the national average. While health care is slightly more expensive than average, housing is an impressive 24 percent less than the US average.

In 1785, Clarksville became the first incorporated city in Tennessee. Its location on the Cumberland River facilitated essential trade activities. Historic Collinsville is a restored village that offers a look back to life here in the mid-19th century. The L & N Train Station has been restored to its 1901 condition. Though Clarksville is growing and thriving today, it is also a city with strong roots and a rich history.

Clarksville Job Opportunities

Top Employers for Clarksville jobs include the Gateway Medical Center, Wal-Mart Supercenter and Austin Peay State University. With 1,400 employees, the Trane Company is one of the largest in the city. Trane supplies heating and cooling systems to residential and commercial customers around the world. Famous buildings with Trane systems include the Australian Stock Exchange in Melbourne, The Kremlin in Moscow, The Olympic Sports Complex in Athens and the Washington Monument in D.C.

Manufacturing, heating and cooling systems may provide the most jobs in Clarksville, but there are several other prominent industries for Clarksville jobs as well. Printing, healthcare, education and construction are other major employers. Fort Campbell borders Clarksville and straddles the Kentucky-Tennessee border. The fort is a major employer both in Clarksville, TN jobs and nearby jobs in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Clarksville Employment Trends

While the national unemployment rate has hovered around 6 percent for most of 2014, Clarksville's unemployment rate has been higher, at around 8 percent. Unemployment has fluctuated throughout 2014, from a low of 6.9 percent in April, to a high of 8.8 percent in July. Unemployment in Tennessee is 7.4 percent as of August 2014. Unemployment is lower in the nearby Nashville and Murfreesboro areas.

With a diverse range of industries to choose from, there are jobs in Clarksville, TN for every education and experience level, from nursing positions to sales jobs. Sales, office and administrative support jobs employ 28.17 percent of the local workforce. The next most common occupation is production, transportation and material moving. Cast your net wide to discover all the Clarksville jobs on the horizon.

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