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Casper, Wyoming Overview Founded in 1888 as an important stop for settlers moving out west and the shipping of ...

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Casper, Wyoming Overview

Founded in 1888 as an important stop for settlers moving out west and the shipping of livestock, Casper, WY – also known as "The Oil City" – is now home to a population of 55,316 residents. It received its nickname from having several oil booms in its history.

Today, it is a picturesque town with a deep history rooted in the Wild West and surrounded by scenic mountains, rivers, and meadows. Because of its geography and the ability to partake in many outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, mountain biking, and rock climbing, Casper is the "Adventure Capital of Wyoming." After dark, the city has a vibrant nightlife of bars and venues; in particular, the Casper Events Center receives musical acts from around the country.

Those looking to relocate for Casper, WY jobs will be glad to know the cost of living in Casper is five percent below the national average and 9.6 percent less than the state average. In fact, every aspect of living is cheaper in Casper, including, utilities, groceries, healthcare, transportation, goods and services, and housing. The median home price is $151,500, while the average rental price is $790 a month. The median household income for the city is $54,237.

Casper Job Opportunities

The proximity of Casper to a wealth of natural resources makes the city attractive to many oil and mining companies, with Sinclair Oil operating a refinery just outside the city limits. Coal, natural gas, and uranium deposits also provide many energy jobs in Casper. Other industries important for Casper jobs are education, healthcare, retail, banking, ranching, and tourism. Tourism is an emerging sector of the local economy due to the city's proximity to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks.

The city also has a wide range of education jobs, with the Natron Country Public Schools and Casper Community College as its two largest employers. Many healthcare workers that want to live in Wyoming move to Casper because of the Wyoming Medical Center, which is one of the largest employers in the city. Candidates interested in moving to Wyoming, but that want to live in a larger city should check out Cheyenne jobs as a possible alternative.

Casper Employment Trends

As of July 2014, the unemployment rate in Casper is 3.7 percent, which is well under both the state and national average. Current annual growth for jobs in Casper, WY is 1.7 percent, with a projected annual growth of 1.3 percent. Forbes lists Casper as the 83rd Best Small City for Business and Careers and 123rd in cost of doing business. Check out some Casper jobs today for the perfect fit.

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