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Charlottesville, Virginia Overview Harvard researchers declared Charlottesville the happiest city in America based on ...

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Charlottesville, Virginia Overview

Harvard researchers declared Charlottesville the happiest city in America based on national survey data. It is a gem city in Virginia where people love to work and play. Half a million tourists are attracted to Charlottesville each year because of Thomas Jefferson's mountain-top Monticello home, in addition to other city attractions. For instance, the Downtown Mall is one of the biggest and longest outdoor malls in the United States and lots of fun for both tourists and residents.

The cost of living in Charlottesville is 5.6 percent above the national average, but the average household income is also higher to match the cost of living. The median household income is $57,835 per year. The unemployment rate is also well below the national average at 4.4 percent. You can also look for jobs in Richmond, the capital of Virginia. It is only a one-hour drive from Charlottesville.

Charlottesville Job Opportunities

Healthcare is the biggest industry for Charlottesville, VA jobs, with notable employers including the University of Virginia Medical Center and the Martha Jefferson Hospital. The Pharmaceutical Research Association also employs more than 250 people in Charlottesville jobs. In addition to healthcare jobs in Charlottesville, opportunities are diverse with everything from trade work to large corporate jobs. Some major employers include GE, PepsiCo, Crutchfield, SNL Financial, Fresh Fields Whole Foods Market and Intelligent Platforms.

Downtown Charlottesville is a center of business. It is number nine on Forbes' list of "best small places for business and career." Plus, growth for jobs in Charlottesville is between 1.8 and 2.6 percent per year, which is one of the highest trends in the United States. The opportunities for Charlottesville jobs are plentiful, and the city is also a fun and beautiful place to live.

Charlottesville Employment Trends

Charlottesville has always had stable employment and the unemployment rate has consistently been below the national average, even during the 2008 recession. This is because healthcare and education are the major job trends and these jobs are needed even in a down economy. If you work in either of these industries, it's easy to find work.

The education rate in Charlottesville is very impressive when compared to the rest of the United States. Over 43.1 percent of residents have college educations. This is partly because of all the schools in the area, including the University of Virginia, Piedmont Virginia Community College, National College and Old Dominion University. Upon attaining a degree, jobs in Charlottesville, VA are plentiful.

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