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Coldwater, MI Employment Information

Coldwater, Michigan Overview Located along the southern edge of Central Michigan, Coldwater is a small city with a ...

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Coldwater, Michigan Overview

Located along the southern edge of Central Michigan, Coldwater is a small city with a population of about 10,000. The cost of living in Coldwater is about 20 percent below the national average. Basic amenities such as transportation, utilities, health care and food are all on par with or slightly below the national average. Residents of Coldwater, however, pay only 50 percent of the national average for housing. To reflect the low cost of living in this community, wages in the Coldwater area tend to be slightly below the national average.

Coldwater, Michigan Job Opportunities

Candidates looking for the most cutting-edge Coldwater, Michigan jobs should keep an eye on the area's fastest growing industries, which include manufacturing, professional and business services and leisure and hospitality. Some of the Coldwater area's largest employers include Asama Coldwater Manufacturing and the City of Coldwater, while the area's largest industries include production, education, management, office and administrative support, sales and food services.

In contrast, candidates seeking Coldwater, Michigan jobs in construction, transportation or finance will find these to be the slowest growing industries in the area. In Coldwater social sciences, art and design and legal are some of the smallest industries.

Coldwater, Michigan Employment Trends

Historically, the Coldwater area has struggled with unemployment rates that are consistently higher than the national average. In the years preceding the 2008 recession, unemployment rates in this area were typically between 6 and 8 percent, with a significant increase to 8.5 percent in mid-2006. Though the area was affected by the recession, its economy wasn't hit as hard as some other parts of the nation. In Coldwater, the unemployment rate topped out at 13 percent in mid-2009 and remained between about 12 and 14 percent through mid-2010. After a slow recovery, the unemployment rate in the Coldwater area was on par with the national average in mid-2015.

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