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Fayetteville, North Carolina Overview Fayetteville, North Carolina has a population of approximately 205,678. However, ...

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Fayetteville, North Carolina Overview

Fayetteville, North Carolina has a population of approximately 205,678. However, since the metropolitan area also includes Spring Lake, Fort Bragg, Hope Mills, Rockfish, Pope Field, Raeford and Eastover, it is much larger. Both Pope Field and Fort Bragg are military bases, so many of the Fayetteville residents are enlisted members of the military or family members of those on active duty or in the reserves. The county recently started offering additional benefits to soldiers and their families in this area, such as job placement resources for military spouses and free day care and other child care options.

The cost of living in Fayetteville ranks at 90, which is lower than the national average of 100. The housing market is substantially cheaper than the national average, coming in at 61, while groceries, healthcare and utilities tend to be slightly more expensive.

Fayetteville Job Opportunities

There are quite a few healthcare jobs in Fayetteville with the Cape Fear Valley Health System, which includes four local hospitals, primary and specialty care clinics, a rehabilitation center and a mental health services clinic. Some of the other top employers for Fayetteville jobs include Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fort Bragg and Cumberland County Schools. The headquarters for the school district is located here, so there are opportunities for Fayetteville jobs for administrators and educators among the 87 schools in the area. This school system is the fourth largest in the state with unique educational institutions such as an evening academy, web academy, and two special schools.

Another major industry that offers jobs in Fayetteville, NC is defense, since it ranked within the top five for Defense Industry Development Areas in 2010. Eighty percent of the top 10 defense contractors in the country have locations in this area, including Boeing, L3 Communications and Lockheed Martin.

Fayetteville Employment Trends

Fayetteville, NC jobs show projections to grow within the next decade, especially in the fastest growing industries of healthcare and education. Those who have a background in engineering can work for the local defense companies, while those who are just starting out in a career can also find entry-level positions around the city. The unemployment rate is 4.5 percent, so it is quite a bit lower than the national unemployment rate. The local government in Fayetteville looks for and launches new and innovative support initiatives and options regularly to assist military families, so that they can live comfortably in this area.

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