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Irvine, CA Employment Information

Irvine, California Overview Irvine is a suburban city in the affluent area of Orange County, California. It has a ...

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Irvine, California Overview

Irvine is a suburban city in the affluent area of Orange County, California. It has a rapidly growing population of 213,880. With a stunning growth of 44 percent since 2000, it's clear that this area is experiencing a massive influx of residents. The public schools here are highly ranked and Irvine jobs are generally very good. "24/7 Wall Street" named Irvine the best-run city in the United States in 2014.

Naturally, a home in this coveted area comes at a steep price. The cost of living in Irvine is 115 percent higher than the national average, spurned primarily by high housing costs. Housing in Irvine is 342 percent more expensive than the U.S. average. The median home in Irvine costs $751,000, and the average two-bedroom house or apartment rents for $1,761 a month. Home appreciation was 20 percent over the last year.

Irvine Job Opportunities

Irvine, CA jobs cover several industries. The city's top employer is the University of California, Irvine with 16,000 employees. The technology innovation company Broadcom is a close second, employing 15,881 people. Over 7,600 people work for Parker Hannifin, a leading manufacturer of motion and control systems and technologies. Irvine Company, which specializes in real estate investments, has 3,500 employees.

The most common occupation is management, business and finance, accounting for over a quarter of all jobs in Irvine. Another 23 percent of jobs in Irvine, CA are in sales, office and administrative support. Engineering, computers and science account for more than 15 percent of jobs here. The average household income in Irvine is $92,663 and the median family income is $109,176.

Irvine Employment Trends

Unemployment in Irvine is very low, at just 3.7 percent compared to the national average of 6.3 percent. Recent job growth is slower than the national average, at 0.67 percent compared to 1.18 percent overall. Future job growth is projected to exceed averages, however, with an expected increase of 37.6 percent. With major employers covering a diverse range of industries, from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. to Edwards Lifesciences, there are Irvine jobs for individuals in nearly any area.

Nearby cities like Tustin and Costa Mesa offer additional opportunities for those seeking jobs around Irvine. Less than 15 minutes away, these cities offer a manageable commute for individuals who want to live in the affluent neighborhoods of Irvine, yet can't find their dream job within its confines. Cast your net over the greater Orange County area and you're sure to find ample job opportunities.

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