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Katy, TX Employment Information

Katy, Texas Overview Katy is a small but rapidly growing city in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan ...

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Katy, Texas Overview

Katy is a small but rapidly growing city in the Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land metropolitan complex. As a major part of the state's Energy Corridor, so named for the major oil and gas companies who headquarter in the region, Katy benefits from the growth of the energy economy. While the City of Katy itself is home to just 15,000 residents, the greater Katy area has a population of nearly 300,000.

The Katy school district is highly regarded as one of the state's finest, and the city was ranked as the top city for growth in 2010 by the Gadberry Group, a consulting firm that specializes in site selection. One of Katy's planned communities, Cinco Ranch, was rated the best community in the U.S. for livability in 2014.

Katy's cost of living is about 5 percent below the national average, while average household incomes are much higher than national figures. The 2014 average of $113,212 is expected to grow to over $130,000 in 2019. Median household income was a whopping $85,500, compared to a national median of $53,046.

Katy Job Opportunities

Most jobs in Katy, TX, are related to the energy and technology sectors. Over 200 companies are headquartered in the Energy Corridor, including BP North America, Diamond Offshore, and Conoco. Academy Sports and Outdoors is also headquartered here, providing a source of non-energy Katy jobs.

Other major employers near Katy include GEICO, which recently opened a major claims center in the area that will employ over 1,000 people. Technology jobs are also abundant; computer company Peloton made its home in Katy, as did TISA. A search for jobs in Cinco Ranch yields many other lucrative opportunities in the region.

Katy Employment Trends

The outlook for Katy, TX jobs is positive; the area has experienced explosive growth and will continue to grow at a rate well above national average. With a 2014 unemployment rate of just 4.8 percent, the city is below the national average. The labor participation rate in Katy is 69.7 percent, one of the highest in the country.

Those with engineering, technology, and energy backgrounds will have their pick of Katy jobs, as will individuals with executive and management experience. Primary and secondary education jobs in Katy are also growing rapidly to accommodate population growth. Some colleges and universities have also established a presence in Katy, including the University of Houston system, Bellhaven College, and Strayer University.

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