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La Crosse, WI Employment Information

La Crosse, Wisconsin Overview La Crosse, Wisconsin is the largest city on the state's western border and overlooks the ...

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La Crosse, Wisconsin Overview

La Crosse, Wisconsin is the largest city on the state's western border and overlooks the Mississippi River. Its 135,700 residents benefit from three college campuses, the Health Science Center for medical training and multiple major business' international headquarters. A fur trading post since the seventeenth century, La Crosse was not officially established until 1856 as it became an important steamboat port along the river and a hub of the lumber industry. Once the La Crosse & Milwaukee Railroad was completed in 1858, the city blossomed as numerous breweries and educational facilities expanded the economy.

Compared to the national average, Forbes reports that living in La Crosse is about 12.2 percent cheaper. The median household income is $49,174 and grew by 0.3 percent last year. The median household cost was $134,300 in 2013, showing an 8.5 percent increase in home value. Overall, housing cost-of-living proves significantly lower than the national average; the index is reported with a value of 75 compared to the national average set at 100.

La Crosse Job Opportunities

Despite the presence of University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Western Technical College and Viterbo University, a Roman Catholic private intuition, La Crosse, WI jobs offer ample opportunities outside of the university environment. In actuality, healthcare dominates La Crosse's economy, with Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center topping the list and Mayo Clinic Health Center-Franciscan Medical Health Center coming in second. The University of Wisconsin does staff over 1,000 employees, but air conditioning company Trane actually claims more La Crosse jobs.

In addition, major hiring companies include Kwik Trip, the School District of La Crosse, Wal-Mart, and Century Link. Still, besides La Crosse jobs, consider searching Onalaska jobs or in other neighboring cities for further options.

La Crosse Employment Trends

Forbes' list of best small cities for business and careers ranks La Crosse 42nd and 45th for job growth by the magazine's studies. Jobs in La Crosse, WI grew at 1.3 percent last year, and job growth expectations continue the positive trend with a predicted 2.1 percent rate. According to data from August 2014, La Crosse's unemployment rate was 3.9 percent, which impressively falls below the national rate of 6.1 percent and Wisconsin's rate of 5.6 percent.

La Crosse's multiple educational facilities and the Health Science Center backed the universities, city government and city medical centers have propelled La Crosse toward becoming a regional medical and technology center. Plus, as the headquarters to corporations like City Brewing Company, S&S Cycle and Logistics Health Incorporated alike, don't only expect consistent education and healthcare jobs in La Crosse, but manufacturing, customer service and tech-related positions, as well.

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