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Lubbock, TX Employment Information

Lubbock, Texas Overview Lubbock, Texas is nicknamed the "Hub City" of the South Plains region, because of its status ...

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Lubbock, Texas Overview

Lubbock, Texas is nicknamed the "Hub City" of the South Plains region, because of its status as the large economic and agricultural center of the area. Lubbock is home to three universities and the largest contiguous cotton-growing area in the world. It's major industries are agribusiness and education. The city has seen about 15 percent population growth in the past several decades, with an estimated 200 people migrating to the city in 2013. The metropolitan area has a total population of 294,100.

The median household income in Lubbock is $43,196 according to Forbes, and that figure has experienced a 0.3 percent growth in the past year. The median price of a house is $98,700, still significantly low despite 9.3 percent growth in 2013. Lubbock's cost of living as of July 2014 is 5.4 percent below the national average.

Lubbock Job Opportunities

With three universities in the city, a significant portion of Lubbock, TX jobs come from the education sector, and three of the four largest Lubbock employers are educational institutions. The largest employer for Lubbock jobs is Texas Tech University, with around 5,000 employees. Lubbock's third largest employer is Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, with nearly 4,000 employees. The Independent School District is the fourth largest employer for jobs in Lubbock with only a few hundred less employees than the Health Sciences Center.

Lubbock's leisure and hospitality industry has seen roughly 7 percent job growth in the last year, with about 18,400 people currently employed. If you're interested in this industry and the vast array of jobs it provides, like management, restaurant serving, bar tending and more, search hospitality jobs in Lubbock.

United Supermarkets has its headquarters in the area, providing myriad jobs in Lubbock, TX both in-store and in-office. On the retail end of things, Wal-Mart is a significant employer for Lubbock jobs, as well as Lubbock's South Plains Mall, which is home to many national retailers. If you're looking for a lower-key retail job outside the bustle of a big city, check out Levelland jobs instead for a small-town atmosphere.

Lubbock Employment Trends

Forbes ranks Lubbock very high on several lists. Lubbock is number 22 in Job Growth, number 32 in Cost of Doing Business, and number 40 in Best Places for Business and Careers. According to Forbes, 2013 job growth was 2.6 percent, and is projected to annually increase by 3.1 percent. Lubbock also boasts the low unemployment rate of 4 percent.

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