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Modesto, CA Employment Information

Modesto, California Overview "Modesto" is Spanish for "modest," and indeed, Modesto, California is a modest city in ...

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Modesto, California Overview

"Modesto" is Spanish for "modest," and indeed, Modesto, California is a modest city in the northern part of the state. Its population is around 200,000, making it California's 18th largest city. When they think of Modesto, many people immediately recall the film "American Graffiti," which takes place in the city.Modesto isn't the best town for beach lovers, since it is a couple of hours away from the coast. It does have pleasant weather, however, and the lush farmland around the city gives it a laid-back feeling.

Modesto Job Opportunities

While the city has employment opportunities suited to fit a range of talents and specialties, Manufacturing jobs in Modesto are generally the easiest to come by. According to the City of Modesto's government website, the company with the most employees in the area is E & J Wine Gallery, which has over 3,000 employees. Seneca, Del Monte Foods and Stanislaus Food Products are also major employers.Modesto also welcomes those whose job preferences fall outside the realm of manufacturing and agriculture. The second largest employer in the city is Memorial Medical Center. Education jobs in Modesto are also readily available; the Modesty City Schools and the Modesto Junior College often look for talented individuals to add to their staffs.

There are a few popular tourist spots in Modesto, which open up seasonal job opportunities.

Modesto Employment Trends

The nation's unemployment rate is 6.3 percent; Modesto's unemployment rate is roughly 12 percent, almost double the national average. According to Forbes, projected job growth in Modesto is 2.7 percent.

The less than ideal employment situation in Modesto has given rise to many of the city's inhabitants having to face a long commute to get to work. Modesto ranked 25th on City-Data.com's list of "Top 101 cities with largest percentage of workers with very long commute times (90 or more minutes) (population 50,000+).

Modesto Cost of Living

For some job seekers, the relatively low cost of living in Modesto (which is slightly above the national average) may make commuting a long distance to work worth the time and effort. This is especially true for those whose employment takes them to San Francisco, which, according to bestplaces.net, has a cost of living that is almost two and a half times greater than the national average.

Modesto is indeed a modest city, but skilled job seekers who know where to look can find stable employment there and enjoy the area's natural beauty.

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