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Napa, CA Employment Information

Napa, California Overview Are you looking for a new place to settle down, or trying to find the place to start your ...

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Napa, California Overview

Are you looking for a new place to settle down, or trying to find the place to start your career after finishing school' Napa is a beautiful valley town with a rich Native American history, and the Napa metropolitan area is home to over 75,000 residents. With an active community and close proximity to California's breathtaking wineries, this cultural hub is home to a booming hospitality industry. Whether you're looking for a mid-career change or are looking to join the workforce for the first time, make sure you check out Napa to see if it's the right fit for you.

Napa Job Opportunities

With a reputation for beautiful views, great hospitality and delicious wine, it's no surprise that Napa's top employers are a part of the food and beverage industry. Many Napa residents find work with nearby wineries, wedding venues, and hotels, like the Dolce Silverado Resort. In addition to the hospitality jobs in Napa, other top employers include Napa Valley College'with an expanding pool of job openings'Queen of the Valley Medical Center, and the Napa Valley Community School. Other opportunities in Napa include sales, mental health counseling and jobs in finance, among others.

Napa Employment Trends

One thing about Napa jobs is certain'a growing amount of grapes are harvested each year since 2000, pointing to an increased labor force and mechanized labor. Winery skills may even be able to land you a job in a different industry. Hospitality, administration, sales and technical communication all require the same skill set of impeccable organization, great attention to detail and strong language skills. For those considering a move to the Napa area, employees with greater education or more experience in these fields can expect a higher average salary.

Napa Cost of Living

Living in Napa does come at a price. At nearly 150 percent of the average American's cost of living, Napa is a rather expensive place to live, shown by the average price of a house in 2009 being around $650,000. However, many of the careers available compensate in proportion to the cost of living, paying on average near $70,000/year. Living outside of the city limits is always an option for those who would rather commute to work and save money on housing.

No matter where your future career plans take you, be sure to check out Napa to see if a life in this hospitable town is right for you.

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