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New Orleans, LA Employment Information

New Orleans, Louisiana Overview New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana and a bustling coastal port famous for ...

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New Orleans, Louisiana Overview

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana and a bustling coastal port famous for its vibrant festivals, fiery cuisine and jazz music. It was founded in 1718 by the French Mississippi Company and named for the Regent of France at the time, Philippe d'Orleans. Even today, the French people influence the culture of New Orleans, which boasts French Creole architecture and food.

Living in New Orleans is relatively affordable by American standards, with a cost of living just 2.8 percent above the national average. The median home price in New Orleans sits at $164,100, while the median household income is $46,804.

New Orleans Job Opportunities

New Orleans' colorful festivals, like the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Mardi Gras, encourage more than nine million tourists to visit every year. A steady stream of visitor arrivals, even outside of festival times, means that there are plenty of hospitality and tourism jobs in New Orleans.

Advanced manufacturing is also driving the New Orleans economy. Aerospace, shipbuilding, military and engineering jobs in New Orleans are common thanks to this growing industry which employs approximately 2,500 people in Orleans Parish. This is largely due to Michoud Assembly Facility, a NASA-owned site that's home to a range of tenants including the Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Blade Dynamics, British Petroleum, the United States Department of Agriculture and the National Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

Louisiana is America's energy center, producing more crude oil than any other state and second in natural gas production. The Greater New Orleans region is considered the heart of the state's energy efforts. Entergy is the largest New Orleans' company in the sector, employing more than 13,800 locals. Expansion efforts worth $6.4 billion over the next two to three years will create even more jobs in the area's refineries and petrochemical plants. In 2007, New Orleans earned the title of Solar America City. Its commitment to renewable energy, including solar power, provides further jobs in New Orleans, LA, in the energy industry.

New Orleans Employment Trends

New Orleans has an unemployment rate of 4.8 percent, far less than the national average of 6.3 percent and comparable to the 4.6 percent unemployment rate of the state capital, Baton Rouge. In the last 12 months, impressive growth of two percent was achieved by New Orleans jobs. This makes it the 37th best city in the country for job growth, according to Forbes.com. Professional opportunities for New Orleans jobs are expected to grow by 1.6 percent annually in the coming years.

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