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Norman, OK Employment Information

Norman, Oklahoma Overview In 2008, CNN's Money Magazine rated this thriving university town the 6th best small city in ...

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Norman, Oklahoma Overview

In 2008, CNN's Money Magazine rated this thriving university town the 6th best small city in the United States. Perhaps it's due to the boisterous sports culture that draws 80,000 attendees to University of Oklahoma's sporting events. Maybe it's because of the rich cultural vibe, embodied by the city's many museums, including the Fred Jones, Junior Museum of Art, which houses a spectacular collection of French Impressionist paintings. It might be the diverse economy that provides a plethora of well-paying Norman, OK jobs.

People who relocate for jobs in Norman appreciate the high quality of life and low cost of living. Median home prices are just $110,800, compared to $181,400 nationwide. The median household income of $44,891 is about $8,000 below the national median. The homeownership rate of 67.5 percent is 2 percent higher than the nation as a whole.

Norman Job Opportunities

With over 10,700 employees, the University of Oklahoma system is the largest driver of education jobs in Norman, OK. The city is also a center for scientific research and technology; the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are major sources of Norman jobs. Thanks to its heavy focus on weather research, due in part because it's the most tornado-prone city in the country, several meteorological businesses call the city home. These include Weathernews Americas, WeatherBank and Weather Decision Technologies, among others.

Other major employers for Norman jobs include carbon nanotube manufacturer SouthWest NanoTechnologies, wind turbine supplier Bergey Windpower and research powerhouse the Oklahoma Geological Survey. Rounding out the list of the city's largest employers are Norman Regional Health Center, Johnson Controls, Norman Public Schools, Hitachi, Sysco Corporation, AT&T, Albon Engineering, Astellas Pharma Technology, Xyant Technology and Griffin Memorial Hospital.

For even more opportunities for high-tech jobs, especially in energy, search for jobs in Oklahoma City, the state capital nearby.

Norman Employment Trends

Norman has a thriving economy and jobs are plentiful. The unemployment rate as of July 2014 was just 2.9 percent, compared to 6.3 percent nationally. Job growth was 1.36 percent in 2013 and is expected to hit 40 percent over the coming decade, compared with just 36 percent for the nation as a whole. Over 21 percent of households have a median income of $100,000 or more.

Sectors that should experience the highest rates of growth in the coming decade include energy, technology, engineering, education, healthcare and business and professional services.

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