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Port Saint Lucie, Florida Overview Located in Saint Lucie County, Florida, Port Saint Lucie was a largely uninhabited ...

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Port Saint Lucie, Florida Overview

Located in Saint Lucie County, Florida, Port Saint Lucie was a largely uninhabited city just five decades ago. However, it has since become popular with vacationers and people seeking Port Saint Lucie jobs who intend to live there year-round. In 2013, the State of Florida said Port Saint Lucie had an estimated total population of 171,016.

Starting in the early 1990s, property developers realized it was smart to not only build housing for potential residents, but to also create places for them to have fun and do business. One development was given the name Saint Lucie West, and a second community, called Tradition, began taking shape in 2006.

Indian River State College, Keiser University and Barry University are three colleges that help students prepare for jobs in Port Saint Lucie. There are several PGA golf courses in Port Saint Lucie, and the New York Mets team comes to the city for spring training.

The cost of living is 3.8 percent lower than the nation's average, and 3.5 percent lower than the average for the state. That's good news for people who want to accept Port Saint Lucie, FL jobs and live well while maintaining reasonable expenses.

Port Saint Lucie Job Opportunities

In 2008, a research laboratory and campus called the Florida Center of Innovation opened in Port Saint Lucie. It now provides thousands of jobs in Port Saint Lucie, FL. The Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute and the Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies are two examples of places where you might be able to find biotech technician jobs in Port Saint Lucie, FL.

Several other top private employers are medical companies, including the Liberty Healthcare Group, Saint Lucie Medical Center and Nurse On Call of South Florida, Inc. If you have your sights set on retail jobs in Port Saint Lucie, Publix Supermarkets and Walmart are among the top employers in that sector. Television shopping network QVC also provides customer service jobs in its inbound call center.

If you've been diligently looking for Port Saint Lucie jobs but haven't found the right fit, broaden your employment search to include Jensen Beach jobs. Jensen Beach is about eight miles from Port Saint Lucie, making it an appealing choice for people seeking new types of work.

Port Saint Lucie Employment Trends

Port Saint Lucie had some economic troubles in the past, and the unemployment rate there is still 6.4 percent, slightly above the national average. However, analysts predict the growth rate for Port Saint Lucie jobs will be 41 percent over the next ten years, above the national projection of 36.1 percent.

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