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Reno, NV Employment Information

Reno, Nevada Overview Reno, Nevada is known as "The Biggest Little City in the World" and has a population of 233,294. ...

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Reno, Nevada Overview

Reno, Nevada is known as "The Biggest Little City in the World" and has a population of 233,294. In November, it's the main launching point for people heading to the Black Rock Desert to attend Burning Man, one of the most popular festivals in the world. Gambling is legal in Nevada, and Reno has more than 20 casinos within its city limits. There are also slot machines in the airport and in grocery stores.

Despite the fact that it's in the desert, Reno experiences seasons just like other parts of the nation. In the summer, highs reach the low nineties, and temperatures drop below fifty in the winter. It does snow in the winter, so be prepared for it despite the hot desert stereotype. For geographical reference, Reno is seven hours from Las Vegas to the south but only two hours from Sacramento and four hours from San Francisco, CA.

Those looking for Reno, NV jobs will find the cost of living is almost 7 percent below the Nevada average and the national average. Despite this, the average household income is surprisingly high at $50,454, and the average cost of a home is $216,800.

Reno Job Opportunities

Tourism and gambling are two of the top industries for Reno jobs, which means there are significant opportunities in the service and hospitality sectors with casinos, hotels and bars that make up a significant chunk of revenue in the area. There's a need for hotel staff and casino managers to create memories for visitors and make them want to return. A strong and friendly staff is important to visitors, and those with experience in customer service will easily succeed in Reno.

Other important jobs in Reno can be found in the technology sector. Major companies are looking to invest in the area, and Apple is building a data center and growing its downtown presence. This is creating a strong need for engineers and other technology specialists to fill budding positions.

Reno Employment Trends

The unemployment rate in Reno is 7.5 percent, which is higher than the national average, but there's expected to be an increase of jobs in Reno, NV in the coming years. 2013 saw a growth of almost three percent, and the blooming technology sector promises to bring even more opportunity. Whether you're in the hospitality industry and looking to increase your experience in a hotel or casino or an engineer solving the world's problems, Reno jobs have many promising opportunities for you.

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