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Salem, OR Employment Information

Salem, Oregon Overview The capital of Oregon, Salem had a total population of 154,637 at the 2010 census. It's the ...

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Salem, Oregon Overview

The capital of Oregon, Salem had a total population of 154,637 at the 2010 census. It's the third largest city in Oregon after Portland and Eugene, and many people come from other parts of the state and country to accept Salem jobs in various industries. Salem is home to Corban University and Willamette University. Both of these institutions offer coursework that helps students prepare to excel after they accept jobs in Salem, OR following graduation.

There are several transportation options, such as Salem-Keizer Transit and an Amtrak route. These solutions make it easier for residents to explore surrounding areas when they have time off from their Salem, OR jobs.

Agriculture is a major industry in Salem, and has been for over a century. In the 1860s, Salem became the permanent location of the Oregon State Fair. Salem is also nicknamed "The Cherry City," because it once had an active cherry growing industry, plus an annual festival honoring the fruit.

The city offers several festivals throughout the year. Attendees can take time away from their jobs in Salem to enjoy international music, fine art, horse shows and independent films, among other cultural diversions. Every Saturday from May to October, the city hosts a market that offers fresh produce and handmade goods, which attracts residents and visitors alike.

Salem is a relatively inexpensive place to live compared to the rest of the state. Specifically, the cost of living is 19.4 percent below Oregon's average, and 1.9 percent lower than the national average.

Salem Job Opportunities

The State of Oregon is Salem's largest public employer. About 21,000 people have jobs in Salem, OR that are associated with that entity. Additionally, over 5,500 people in total work for the Chemeketa Community College and Salem-Keizer School District. Salem Health is a notable private employer in the area, providing jobs for about 4,000 people. Check out that employer if you're interested in healthcare jobs in Salem.

Consider searching for Keizer jobs if you haven't found job openings in Salem that fit your needs. Keizer is less than five miles from Salem, making it an attractive alternative for commuting employees.

Salem Employment Trends

Salem's unemployment rate is 7.1 percent, or slightly above the national average of 6.3 percent. Recent job growth was 0.48 percent, which lags behind the growth rate for the rest of the country. However, over the next decade, analysts believe opportunities for Salem jobs will grow by 33.9 percent.

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