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Saratoga Springs, NY Employment Information

Saratoga Springs, New York Overview For over 200 years, Saratoga Springs has been a popular resort destination, thanks ...

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Saratoga Springs, New York Overview

For over 200 years, Saratoga Springs has been a popular resort destination, thanks to the abundant mineral springs nearby. Lying just north of Albany, which is the state capital, this small town of 27,000 was named the tenth best place to live in New York in 2014. The historic Battle of Saratoga, the Revolutionary War's decisive turning point, was fought on a battlefield just a few miles from the town. Saratoga Race Course, the city's main tourism draw, was founded in 1863.

Workers relocating for jobs in Saratoga Springs, NY should be prepared for a higher than average cost of living. The median home price is $290,800 compared to $181,400 nationally. Median household income, at $62,766, is about $10,000 per year higher than the national figure. The city also has a 7 percent sales tax, one of the highest nationally.

Saratoga Springs Job Opportunities

With an economy heavily focused on tourism, hospitality jobs in Saratoga Springs are always in demand. The city draws thousands of summer visitors when the Saratoga Race Course is open. The Roosevelt and Lincoln bath houses, built in 1911, are also popular attractions; the Roosevelt bath house offers luxurious mineral water spa treatments and is a source of Saratoga Springs jobs.

The city's newly revitalized upscale shopping district is another source of Saratoga Springs jobs in retail. Stewart's Shops, a family owned chain of convenience stores, is headquartered here and supplies upwards of 300 Saratoga Springs, NY jobs. Industrial and manufacturing jobs are supplied by the Saratoga Spring Water Company as well as Mason jar and aluminum can manufacturer Ball Corporation. Quad/Graphics has a plant in the city, where it prints popular magazines such as People, Sports Illustrated and Time.

Many Saratoga Springs residents commute to jobs in Albany, where a more diverse employment landscape offers jobs in many sectors.

Saratoga Springs Employment Trends

The unemployment rate in Saratoga Springs as of July 2014 was just 4.1 percent compared to the national average of 6.3 percent. The city experienced negative job growth in 2013 of -0.65 percent. Growth is expected to be slow in 2014 at just 0.5 percent, below the rate of the nation as a whole.

Sectors that should experience the highest rates of growth include personal services, professional services, food service, hospitality, and education. More jobs should also become available in management, business, and financial services in the coming decade.

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