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Stockton, California Overview One of California's two inland seaports, Stockton connects to the San Francisco Bay and ...

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Stockton, California Overview

One of California's two inland seaports, Stockton connects to the San Francisco Bay and is located on the San Joaquin River. With a population of 300,899, Stockton is home to the University of the Pacific, which is the only private university with fewer than 10,000 students that grants degrees from eight separate professional schools. Art and history museums abound in the city, and include the Haggin Museum, Tidewater Art Gallery, University of the Pacific's Reynolds Gallery and Elsie May Goodwin Gallery. Stockton also hosts the West Coast BBQ Championships every year.

The cost of living in Stockton, CA is not as high as that of some other California cities. According to Forbes, the cost of living is 1.5 percent below the national average. The median home price is $214,300, while the median household income from Stockton jobs is $49,431. Last year, home prices rose by a whopping 26.6 percent in the area, but household income shrank by two percent.

Stockton Job Opportunities

Government, healthcare and produce growers and shippers account for the majority of Stockton employment. The top employer in the city is San Joaquin County, which provides 5,938 Stockton, CA jobs. Next is the Stockton Unified School District, which employs 4,000 people in a number of education jobs in Stockton, CA. Third is St. Joseph's Medical Center, employing 2,230 people in varying medical and administrative capacities. OG Packing, with 2,000 employees, is the city's fourth-largest employer. OG grows, packs and ships California cherries and blueberries all over the world. The fifth-largest employer is the California Division of Juvenile Justice, employing 1,492 people.

Rounding out Stockton's top ten employers are government, education and retail entities. For example, Diamond Foods is based in Stockton and makes Emerald nuts as well as Pop Secret popcorn. For those interested in jobs in Stockton dealing with adolescents and juvenile offenders, this location is ideal, as it is home to the state's Division of Juvenile Justice and the North California Youth Center.

Stockton Employment Trends

Stockton experienced job growth of 3.2 percent last year and will experience growth of two percent in the coming year according to Forbes' forecasts. As of July 2014, the city had an unemployment rate of 13.5 percent, which is almost double California's unemployment rate of 7.4 percent. Those who cannot find Stockton jobs might also search for jobs in Antioch, CA, as Antioch has a substantially lower unemployment rate of 7.3 percent and is only about 35 miles away.

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