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Sunbury, PA Employment Information

Sunbury, Pennsylvania Overview Located about 75 miles north of York, Sunbury is a small city on Pennsylvania's ...

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Sunbury, Pennsylvania Overview

Located about 75 miles north of York, Sunbury is a small city on Pennsylvania's Susquehanna River. The cost of living in Sunbury is about 20 percent below the national average. Some basic amenities like utilities and transportation are slightly above the national average, but residents of Sunbury pay about 40 percent of the national average for housing. Despite the significant differences in cost of living, wages in the Sunbury area are only about 10 percent below the national average, making this a relatively affordable place to live and work.

Sunbury, Pennsylvania Job Opportunities

Candidates who want an edge over the local competition should seek out Sunbury, Pennsylvania jobs in some of the area's fastest growing industries, like transportation and business services, or the largest industries, such as office and administrative support, production, transportation and sales. The area's largest employers include snack distributor R.U. Troutman & Sons, Inc., regional supermarket chain Wels Markets, textile manufacturer Sunbury Textile Mills and roller coaster manufacturing firm Great Coasters International.

The Sunbury area's slowest growing industries include finance, manufacturing and government. Candidates seeking employment in the computer science, legal, social sciences and art and design fields should keep in mind that Sunbury, Pennsylvania jobs don't often reflect openings in these fields.

Sunbury, Pennsylvania Employment Trends

In Sunbury, employment remained relatively consistent through early 2008, and during this time, the unemployment rate dropped as low as 3.3 percent. Driven by the 2008 recession, unemployment increased significantly, with a high rate of 9.6 percent in early 2010. The economy in Sunbury recovered relatively smoothly from 2010 to early 2013, when unemployment again saw a spike. Throughout 2014 and 2015 unemployment in the Sunbury area was on par with the national average, indicating that the Sunbury area doesn't have significant lingering effects from the recession.

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