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Tacoma, WA Employment Information

Tacoma, Washington Overview Tacoma, Washington is a progressive port city in the northwestern part of the United ...

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Tacoma, Washington Overview

Tacoma, Washington is a progressive port city in the northwestern part of the United States. With a population of over 200,000 people, the urban city is connected to several key establishments through the Port of Tacoma, the state's largest port. Art exhibits and history museums are abundant throughout the area. Notable awards for Tacoma include 19th most walkable city and most stressed out city in 2004.

Cost of living in Tacoma is 1.6 percent higher than the national average and 0.9 percent higher than the state average. Out of all living components, housing is the lowest factor. Healthcare costs are well above the state and national average for individuals residing in the city. Dental and general health-related services charge as high as 20% more than neighboring states.

A cup of coffee costs 19 percent more than other states in the country, averaging $5.23. When it comes to staple grocery items, potatoes are roughly 30 percent more affordable in Tacoma. Other basic items such as milk, eggs and ground beef fall within the general average in terms of cost.

Tacoma Job Opportunities

Tacoma, WA jobs range from technical roles such as lawyers and engineers to creative positions such as artists and designers. Leading companies that have a solid track record for providing Tacoma jobs include PaperG, Comcast, Deloitte and CR England. Logistics jobs, such as shipping specialists, logistics executives and cargo handlers are also in high demand due to the city's active port. Scientists and lab technician roles have opened up in the past few years and are currently the top trending occupations. If Tacoma does have the right opportunities, search nearby jobs in Auburn.

Tacoma Employment Trends

Employment trends in Tacoma jobs are generally positive. The city experiences overall job growth at the rate of 12 percent month-over-month and 22 percent year-over-year. January, February and May are peak periods for new job openings, while October and November are considered the worst months to look for new employment opportunities for local residents. Unemployment in the area is relatively low and remains stagnant throughout the year. Competition for vacant jobs in Tacoma, WA is above average due to local population growth and transplants from other states.

Tourism and hospitality jobs in Tacoma are increasing due to the steady growth of nearby cities and states. Moreover, the city is currently showing signs of consistent development, particularly in the shipping and trading sector. Individuals who have the skills to develop businesses may find several rewarding and stable professional roles.

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