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Temecula, CA Employment Information

Temecula, California Overview Temecula is on the southwest side of Riverside County with a population of just over ...

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Temecula, California Overview

Temecula is on the southwest side of Riverside County with a population of just over 105,000. North of Temecula is Murrieta and the Pechanga Indian Reservation, and south of Temecula is San Diego County. It is a popular tourist destination since it is home to many wineries, the Temecula Valley International Film Festivals and various resorts that provide a relaxing atmosphere for couples, individuals and families.

There are also championship level golf courses located throughout the city, which draw a lot of interest from people around the world. Many tourists come to visit during the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival, as well. Some of the top industries that support Temecula's economy include tourism, finance, retail, education, leisure and healthcare, so there are many Temecula jobs available in these areas. The cost of living is approximately 42 percent higher than the national average, but it is slightly lower than other areas of California. The average household income is $78,668, higher than the national average of $53,046.

Temecula Job Opportunities

Abbott Laboratories is the top employer for Temecula jobs, which provides jobs to 3,120 employees. Some of the other top employers include Temecula Valley Unified School District, Professional Hospital Supply, Macy's and Costco Wholesale. There are quite a few job opportunities in various industries, so newcomers or those who are starting out in the workforce can find employment throughout the city. Some of the top Temecula, CA jobs are in the hospitality industry, such as jobs in hotels in reception, housekeeping, reservations or event planning, or jobs in restaurants, golf clubs and other similar atmospheres. Candidates who are looking for jobs in Temecula can find many different options.

Temecula Employment Trends

The employment trends for jobs in Temecula, CA seem to be on the rise. In the recent past, the job market has grown by about 1 percent, which is close to the national average. The future job growth projection in Temecula is at 36.7 percent, which is higher than the national average of 36.1 percent. The unemployment rate in the area is also lower than the average rate in the United States. The top industries by percentage of employed professionals include management, finance, business, engineering, science, social services, education, and healthcare. With its close proximity to exciting and unique locations in California, as well as easy access to nearby beaches, Temecula is an up and coming area of the state.

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