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Tulsa, OK Employment Information

Tulsa, Oklahoma Overview Tulsa has shed the once famous nickname of "Oil Capital of the World" and diversified its job ...

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Tulsa, Oklahoma Overview

Tulsa has shed the once famous nickname of "Oil Capital of the World" and diversified its job offerings after a downturn in the oil business. Jobs in Tulsa now come in a variety of growing industries including telecommunications, aviation, finance and energy. Frequently compared to Oklahoma City (OC), Tulsa's smaller size has garnered it a strong following and appeal. But, Oklahoma City jobs tend to be more prevalent and higher paying.

Tulsa has several awards that OC does not. It was named one of the "Most Liveable Large Cities" by Forbes and one of the Top 50 Best Cities in the United States by BusinessWeek. In 2012, Tulsa was ranked second in the "best city for young people to find a job by the Fiscal Times.

Tulsa, Oklahoma is an economical place to live, yet one bursting with culture enriched by its oil days. Its 4 percent unemployment rate is lower than the national 6.3 percent. The cost of living is 15.4 percent less than the national average. The real median household income is stable and the housing market is affordable, making it a great place for young people just starting out and growing families.

Tulsa Job Opportunities

Opportunities for Tulsa jobs were diversified after it was hit hard by the fall of oil prices in the 80s. Recently the city enacted Vision 2025, a plan to enhance and revitalize Tulsa's infrastructure and increase its exposure as a tourist town.

There are a variety of Tulsa, OK jobs and opportunities, and some of its biggest employers are American Airlines (aircraft maintenance), Cherokee Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (hospitality), OSU Medical Center (healthcare), Owasso Public Schools (education), Baker Hughes (oil machinery manufacturing) and AAON (manufacturer of heating and cooling products). Tulsa is also the headquarters of several large companies including Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, ONEOK, The Williams Companies, Inc. and QuickTrip. Some of the most popular jobs in Tulsa, OK include sales, office administrative support (25.99 percent), and management, business and finance (13.56 percent).

Tulsa Employment Trends

While there has been negative growth for Tulsa jobs over the past couple of years, the employment rate is a full two points lower than the national average. The future job growth, over the next ten years, is expected to be similar to the rest of the country (35.5 percent in Tulsa, compared to 36.1 percent as the national average).

Some of the biggest opportunities in the area continue to include telecommunications, manufacturing, and aviation. There are also opportunities in wind energy jobs in Tulsa and other forms of renewable energy. The city is dedicated to making Tulsa a big part of the new energy solution.

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