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ABAP programmer Employment Information

ABAP Programmer Job Overview An ABAP programmer is a computer programmer who is an expert in Advanced Business ...

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ABAP Programmer Job Overview

An ABAP programmer is a computer programmer who is an expert in Advanced Business Application Programming language. The code-based language is used by businesses to accept payments, as well as track, process, and invoice clients and customers. ABAP was designed by SAP, the German software company.

The U.S. Bureau Labor Statistics counts ABAP programmers among the broader industry of computer programmers. These programmers can work in a variety of industries, from healthcare to accounting. Most computer programmers work full-time.

Specifically, job duties of an ABAP programmer may include:

  • Writing and customizing ABAP programs for businesses
  • Expanding and upgrading existing programs
  • Troubleshooting and debugging code for existing programming errors
  • ABAP Programmer Job Education Requirements

    Most ABAP programmers at least a bachelor's degree in computer science, computer programming, software engineering or a related discipline. Some ABAP programmer jobs will also accept a degree in business. Other jobs may accept associate's degrees, with additional training for the field they're working in. An ABAP programmer should also be analytical, detail-oriented, and skilled at customer service.

    Programmers may also be certified or get in a license in a specific programming language, such as ABAP. Other IT jobs include software engineering or software development.

    ABAP Programmer Job Market

    The job market for computer programmers overall is expected to grow at about 8 percent over the next decade, which is about the pace for all occupations, according to the data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The computer system design and software industry is expected to grow, providing more jobs for programmers.

    ABAP Programmer Job Salary Information

    The average annual wage for a computer programmer is $74,820 annually. Executives and upper level programmers can earn as much as $117,890 a year. The salary of an ABAP programmer increases with the amount of education and years of experience they have to offer.

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