Administrative Jobs in New York City , NY Overview New York City is one of the world's foremost business capitals. ...

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Administrative Jobs in New York City , NY Overview

New York City is one of the world's foremost business capitals. That means there are plenty of administrative jobs in a variety of industries. Job market and salary expectations usually depend on which industry hires an administrator. Those who want to make the most of New York City's job opportunities should focus on gaining experience and skills to qualify for higher positions.

New York City , NY Administrative Job Market

There are numerous administrative jobs in New York City . The city's population has grown steadily for several decades, helping to make it a popular destination for businesses. As more companies open in, or move to, New York City, more administrative jobs become available.

Top corporations based in New York City include Verizon Communications, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup, and MetLife. Many international financial institutions have hubs in New York City. This makes it relatively easy for experienced administrators to find jobs in high-paying companies. Of course, many job openings are for low-level positions as well. With enough determination, professionals working at entry-level positions can progress to jobs that offer more money and responsibility.

Administrative Salaries in New York City , NY

Administrators living in New York make more than colleagues in every other state . The state's annual mean wage is about $140,000. Managerial administrators working in New York City stand to earn even more money. The annual mean wage for administrators in the New York-White Plains-Wayne Metropolitan Division is over $150,000.

Understandably, administrators who work in some industries tend to make more money than those working in others. Some of the industries that pay administrators the most money include securities and commodities exchanges, oil and gas extraction, and information services.

An administrator's position also affects salary. Administrators who work in management earn the most money. Administrative assistants, however, earn about $35,000.

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