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Advocate Job Overview Advocate jobs are ideal for those who want to support such sectors as healthcare and education. ...

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Advocate Job Overview

Advocate jobs are ideal for those who want to support such sectors as healthcare and education. These are consultants who want to improve, manage and maintain support for various individuals or groups. An advocate may decide to support Teachers, students, patients, Doctors, or various other groups depending upon the sector. Health Advocates are often seen as Social Workers who have a background in medical conditions or at least a deep understanding of the overall situation in order to make improvements in any way possible. Advocates will coordinate activities and promote safety and quality.

Advocate Job Education Requirements

The requirements of advocate jobs depend upon what a person is actually advocating and what group is being supported within the healthcare sector. A college degree is often preferred, especially in an area of healthcare or business administration. An advocate should be proficient in the medical billing and insurance processes as well. Those who are going to be an advocate for weight loss, diabetes or another specific area should have proven knowledge of working within that area. Those who have gone to nursing school and then decide to take a more business administration approach tend to thrive in such roles.

Advocate Job Market

The job market, according to statistics, shows that advocate jobs are growing in number. The role that a person takes is dependent upon what they want to do and where they want to be located. Various opportunities include co-managing chronic conditions and various morbid issues, identifying healthcare quality issues, coordinating Doctors, facilities, providers and discharges as well as educating people on insurance options, procedures, preventative health measures and much more. The majority of advocate jobs are in the healthcare market though there are also positions like Clean Energy Advocates that can indirectly affect the healthcare sector.

Advocate Job Salary

Research shows that the average Patient Advocate earns a salary of $39,000. Depending upon where a person works in the healthcare sector as well as geographically, salaries can vary from $24,000 all the way to $54,000 a year. Very few advocates are hired on an hourly or part-time status.

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