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Animal Services Employment Information

Animal Services Overview Animal Service Workers are responsible for the care, grooming and feeding of animals. ...

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Animal Services Overview

Animal Service Workers are responsible for the care, grooming and feeding of animals. Bathing, exercising and medical duties may also fall under an Animal Service Worker's area of expertise. Those involved in animal service officer work may perform animal control functions in compliance with animal control regulations, licensing and shelter duties.

Animal service workers can be employed in zoos, shelters, veterinary offices, farms, kennels and aquariums. There are also many animal service workers employed in scientific fields such as marine biology and animal studies.

Animal Services Education Requirements

The requirements for most animal services jobs include but are not limited to a high school diploma and secondary education, depending on the position. Veterinarians are required to obtain a bachelor's degree from a four-year college and then complete four years of veterinary school. A veterinary technician is usually required to graduate from a vet tech program and become certified after passing state regulated testing. Some shelters and animal hospitals may require their employees to have a degree in animal science or in business administration depending on the type of animal service position. Humane Officers will usually need a required number of training hours that vary from state to state.

Animal Services Job Market

The job market for animal services and related animal fields is usually fairly competitive. Animal service work is expected to have grown a total of 21 percent by 2018. The need for animal service people in every region is usually medium to high, with larger populated cities having more employment opportunities than rural regions. Rural areas can have a slightly higher rate for animal service jobs depending on location due to a prevalence of farming and livestock. High job turnover also effects rate of employment and projected growth.

Animal Services Salary

The median wage for an animal service position varies greatly depending on type of position. The median wage for Veterinarians in 2013 was $84,460, with the highest paid positions earning $144,400. The average Animal Services Officer earned $19,970 per year in 2013, while the median annual wage for Animal Caretakers was $19,690 per year. Animal Trainers earned $25,270 per year.

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