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Auto Damage Appraiser Employment Information

Auto Damage Appraiser Overview An Appraiser is a person appointed to determine the true value of property. An Auto ...

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Auto Damage Appraiser Overview

An Appraiser is a person appointed to determine the true value of property. An Auto Damage Appraiser assesses passenger and commercial vehicles that have been damaged in an accident. During such an appraisal, the Appraiser ascertains the true value of the vehicle immediately prior to the accident, the current value of the vehicle and any potential costs associated with returning the vehicle to its previous condition. Auto Damage Appraisers often work directly for insurance companies, but many of them work for fleet managers, law firms and consulting firms, or independent contractors.

Auto Damage Appraiser Education Requirements

Many colleges and technical schools offer programs specifically for auto damage appraisal. According to statistics, 83.1 percent of all Auto Damage Appraisers have at least some college, and 39.3 percent possess a bachelor's degree. Most states require Appraisers to possess specific licenses and certifications, and those requirements vary from state to state. An Appraiser curriculum will generally prepare the student for employment in the state where it is located, but most states have programs in place that allow Appraisers to transfer their licenses and certifications. Core skills required by Appraisers include mathematics, oral comprehension and expression, written comprehension and expression, and customer service.

Auto Damage Appraiser Job Market

According to statistics, the market for Auto Damage Appraiser jobs is steady but not growing. Even in the most populated states, there are only 900 to 1,700 Auto Damage Appraisers employed. Insurance carriers employ 80 percent of those Appraisers, and the remaining 20 percent are spread out across a wide range of industries, including auto repair companies, management companies and consulting firms. An Auto Damage Appraiser can also fill a wide range of Insurance Adjuster.

Auto Damage Appraiser Salary

The mean hourly wage earned by Auto Damage Appraisers is $30.34, which is up approximately $2 from the previous annual statistics. The mean annual wage is $63,100, and Appraisers in entry-level positions can expect to make about $21.19 an hour or $44,080 per year.

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