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Automotive Service Manager Employment Information

Automotive Service Manager Overview An automotive service manager must be prepared to interact on a professional level ...

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Automotive Service Manager Overview

An automotive service manager must be prepared to interact on a professional level with customers and employees in a manner that builds relationships while solving problems. The management candidate should demonstrate excellent knowledge about servicing vehicles, and prior experience as an automotive service technician can be extremely valuable. Management positions often provide technicians with the opportunity to advance in a company setting. At the same time, automotive service manager jobs require the ability to use computers and other technical equipment required for research and communications, making administrative experience beneficial. Being able to multitask in a fast-paced environment is a must.

Automotive Service Manager Educational Requirements

An automotive technician should generally have at least a high school diploma, but additional training in a post-secondary setting may be important for obtaining skills and knowledge needed to work in the automotive service industry. A management professional in this setting may also require management training or a background in business administration. On-the-job training may provide additional skill acquisition opportunities.

Automotive Service Manager Job Market

Jobs in the automotive service profession are projected to grow at a rate of 9 percent, which is average in comparison with other professions in the nation. Automotive service manager jobs depend on the demand for technicians, meaning that a comparable rate of growth can be expected. Computer technology plays an integral role in both the automotive aspects and customer service aspects of management and this will continue to be a significant factor for those seeking jobs in the field.

Automotive Service Manager Salary

Technicians in the automotive service field average annual earnings of $36,610 per year with an hourly rate of approximately $17.60. Those involved in more advanced roles such as installation and repair earn slightly more at $41,020 per year. Management personnel in transportation-related positions earn a median income of $81,800 per year. These amounts may vary based on issues such as longevity with a company, experience in the automotive and management fields, and the activity level of the facility offering a position.

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