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Bank Operations Manager Overview

Bank operations managers are responsible for maintaining the overall operation of a bank. They are generally expected to oversee training of employees, monitor staff, schedule staff and ensure that employees follow the standards and procedures of the institution. They oftentimes have to develop goals and establish priorities for the bank and its employees. Bank operations managers are expected to have a detailed knowledge of the banking system, including cash flow, budgets, and statistical analysis techniques. A general knowledge of computer systems is essential as most banks utilize various networking tools and software programs to run the day-to-day communication and operations of the bank. The skill set gained by operations managers may also qualify them for positions in other areas of banking including branch manager, finance and office services manager or chief financial officer.

Bank Operations Manager Education Requirements

Generally, bank operations manager candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree to qualify for open positions. Ideal managers hold a bachelor's degree in management, finance, accounting or other management or financial-related fields. Graduate level training, such as through a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) or other related master's degree, is typically preferred depending on the banking institution.

Bank Operations Manager Job Market

The outlook for bank operations manager jobs is better for those with an advanced degree in a management or finance field. Those who work their way up through the banking system in supervisory roles or other management positions will have an edge over the competition, especially if the prior jobs were held in the same institution. The job market for bank managers may feel the impact of increasingly more customers utilizing direct deposits and online banking instead of visiting bank branch buildings.

Bank Operations Manager Salary

The median annual salary for bank operations manager jobs is $96,430 per year. Operations managers may also qualify for additional pay through bonuses offered by the bank worked for. Salary levels vary based on educational background and years of experience. The location and size of a bank may also affect earning potential.

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