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Bank Teller Employment Information

Bank Teller Overview The bank teller is typically the person that the bank customers interact with the most often. ...

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Bank Teller Overview

The bank teller is typically the person that the bank customers interact with the most often. Their job is a multifaceted one. They process deposits and withdrawals for customers as well as process loan payments. They cash checks, process certified checks, open and close accounts, accept payment for a customer's charge card, utility bills and more. They also must keep an accurate record of all transactions and pay careful attention to details at all times such as properly verifying a customer's identification as well as adhere to all bank regulations. They must be able to handle a large amount of money and balance cash with all transaction receipts at the end of their shift and to do so accurately. Moreover, they are responsible for keeping up-to-date on the banks products and services, be able to ascertain by looking at the customer's account what services or products might be helpful to them and be able to explain those services and products to the customer clearly.

There is a high potential for advancement in this field and specialty bank teller situations. These can give the prospective bank teller an edge in the job market. One example is that many banks are in need of bilingual tellers. Once bank teller experience has been accumulated, job titles such as Commercial Bank Teller, Lead Teller or Loan Specialist may be a step up in a banking career.

Traditionally, bank employees worked a straight 9 to 5 shift but ATMs as well as banks being open on Saturdays, have led to employees being able to enjoy a flexible or alternate type of shift in some cases.

Bank Teller Job Education Requirements

Bank teller positions are usually open to high school graduates, but some teller positions require a bachelor's degree. Vertical advancement will require additional education. On-the-job training is typically provided. In order to be employed by a bank, a prospective employee must also pass a criminal background check. Excellent math skills are important in order to handle money as well as the documentation of all transaction and balancing cash to transaction slips. Computer literacy is also important for these positions as well as excellent communications skills and customer service skills.

Bank Teller Job Market

Because more and more bank customers are opting for the convenience of online and mobile banking little or no job growth is anticipated for this field between 2012 and 2022. Statistics indicate that the number of positions for bank tellers will remain about the same.

Bank Teller Salary

The salary for bank tellers ranges from $16,000 to $30,000 per annum with a median salary of $22,500 yearly.

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