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Brand Ambassador Employment Information

Brand Ambassador Jobs Brand Ambassador Job Overview Brand Ambassadors, or those who work in brand promotion , are ...

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Brand Ambassador Jobs

Brand Ambassador Job Overview

Brand Ambassadors, or those who work in brand promotion, are responsible for marketing and increasing brand value to customers. They do this by increasing awareness and generating sales of the specified brand. Some brand ambassadors are assigned to hand out samples of the brand in order to gain brand awareness, while other brand ambassadors increase awareness simply by wearing certain logos and labels.

Daily Brand Ambassador Tasks Include:

  • Become one with the brand, and embody everything that the brand is or wants to be
  • Create awareness with social media, websites, and flyers
  • Attend trade shows promoting the brand
  • Continually have brand items on your person to promote the brand

When you are a brand ambassador, your duties will vary depending on the brand you are marketing. For example, if you are a brand ambassador for Nike, you would clearly wear Nike clothes to promote the brand. Alternately, if you are a Coca-Cola brand ambassador, you would be more likely to carry samples to hand out to potential customers.

Brand Ambassador Job Education Requirements

Most employers prefer brand ambassador candidates with a high school diploma to qualify for the position. It can be helpful if candidates have some college education, specifically in marketing as this is a brand marketing job. Some employers prefer to give on the job training and teach employees exactly how they want their brand marketed.

Brand Ambassador Job Market

Currently, there are 76,870 recorded Americans employed as brand ambassadors. It is expected that there will be an 18 percent job growth in brand ambassador jobs. With an ever-changing advertising market, brand ambassadors are needed to further brand recognition and promote sales.

The states with the highest demand for brand ambassador jobs include Texas, New York, and Florida. However, it is the cities of Phoenix, San Diego, and Washington DC that have the highest demand, even though none of these cities are in the states with highest demand.

Brand Ambassador Job Salary Information

The average national wage in America for a brand ambassador job is $13.92 an hour or $28,950 annually. In states with high brand ambassador demand such as New York, the average mean wage rises to $16.81 an hour or $34,970 annually. Although many brand ambassadors are famous people who are constantly in the spotlight, an average everyday person who lives in a high demand market can make a decent living as a brand ambassador.

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