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Business Development Advertising Job Overview Also known as Marketing Managers and Advertising Managers, Business ...

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Business Development Advertising Job Overview

Also known as Marketing Managers and Advertising Managers, Business Development Advertisers handle a number of tasks every day. The men and women working in this field often work with other managers and directors to increase sales or draw attention to a specific product or service. They might cold call potential clients to gain additional business, or they might work with a marketing firm to develop an ad campaign for the launch of a new product.

Business Development Advertising Education Requirements

Those working in the business development advertising field typically need a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Advertising or Business, and some workers have a business degree with a minor in marketing or advertising. Similar positions that require many of the same skills and education include Advertising Sales Representative Managers, Advertising Marketing Account Executives and Advertising Supervisors. As these positions require the ability to work alone and with small groups, employers look for employees capable of working with others and without any direct supervision. Other skills necessary for employment in the field include strong analytical, decision-making, organizational and communication skills.

Business Development Advertising Job Market

According to recent statistics, business development advertising jobs are growing on par with other positions in the country. Experts believe that the rate of growth from 2012 to 2022 will be 12 percent, which represents an increase of more than 25,000 new jobs. More than 20 percent of those working in the field work for private ad agencies and marketing companies, while around 16 percent work in the marketing department of a company. As the number of business development advertising jobs increase, so will the positions in similar fields and occupations.

Business Development Advertising Salary

Business Development Advertisers make a median salary of $80,000 a year. The exact rate of pay reported by working professionals depends on where those individuals work and their employers. A small number of workers report earning $30,000 a year while some make as much as $200,000 or more. Interns working for businesses and advertising companies make up to $10 an hour.

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