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Call Center Agent Employment Information

Call Center Agent Overview Call center agent jobs may fall into different categories based on the activity involved. ...

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Call Center Agent Overview

Call center agent jobs may fall into different categories based on the activity involved. Telephone support for a company falls into the category of customer service representative, and a call center agent may work primarily to answer questions and assist with problems a customer is experiencing with regard to company products or services. Additionally, a customer service agent in a call center may take orders, process payments or facilitate returns and refunds. Telemarketing positions also fall into the category of call center agent positions, and those involved in this type of work may initiate contact from a call center in order to promote or sell a product or service or to generate leads for sales representatives. A candidate for a call center position should have excellent communications skills. A call center agent must be able to present a positive view of a company while empathizing with caller concerns. At the same time, excellent computer skills are important as data entry and research is often required.

Call Center Agent Education Requirements

Candidates for call center agent jobs should possess high school diplomas. Additional training in computer programs and communications may be beneficial as well. Companies may sponsor job-specific training, but much of the job is learned through hands-on activity. Post-secondary education in communications or business may prove helpful, enabling a call center agent to work toward supervisory positions.

Call Center Agent Job Market

Growth in the customer service industry is expected to continue at 13 percent, a rate considered average in comparison to other professions. Call centers are expected to be the greatest source of growth for customer service positions, potentially experiencing a growth rate of up to 38 percent from 2012 to 2022. Areas with higher job competition will include call centers related to insurance and finance sectors because of higher compensation rates.

Call Center Agent Salary

The median annual salary in customer service positions is $30,580 per year with an average hourly rate of $14.70. Insurance related positions earn an average of $16.44 per hour, and those in administrative and support services earn an average of $12.71 per hour.

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