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Case Manager Employment Information

Case Manager Job Overview The case manager job title spans a wide range of industries. A case manager in health care, ...

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Case Manager Job Overview

The case manager job title spans a wide range of industries. A case manager in health care, for example, focuses on managing the injured or disabled in a medical environment. Case managers can also be social workers employed by a government agency, a non-profit organization, or another group to assist a client with personal matters in hopes of improving their overall quality of life. They're hired to take on a case, show up promptly, and make it their business to do all they can to assist.

The modern day case manager conducts a wide range of responsibilities depending on the type of case they take on. A social worker may conduct phone interviews, process Medicaid and food assistance applications, and meet with families face-to-face for counseling and guidance. It's a medical case worker's job to get to know specific patients and their cases and to implement treatment programs, communicate the patient's situation with other doctors, and provide testimony when needed. Case managers have to be caring and fair, not afraid to disappoint people but not willing to crumble under pressure.

Case Manager Job Education Requirements

Most case manager jobs require a bachelor's degree in one of various applicable areas of study. This can include social work, gerontology, nursing, or other areas of study that relate to the well-being of others. Various certifications can be earned that act as qualifiers for specific case manager positions dealing with different circumstances including severe socioeconomic conditions and singular versus plural case management. Certifications are offered from the American Board of Disability Analyst, Accredited Case Managers, Certified Social Work Case Manager, Certified Case Manager, Chronic Care Professionals, Certified Health Care Quality Management and many more.

Case Manager Job Market

Case manager jobs are growing in number while becoming more selective in choosing applicants. Although one used to be able to become a case manager based solely on experience, a bachelor's degree and accompanying certification have become standard attributes for the aspiring case manager. The job market is steadily increasing.

Case Manager Job Salary Information

Case managers earn a feasible salary. Fifty percent of workers make less than $71,204, the median income of all case managers in the United States. Those in the top ten percentile of case managers are earning approximately $83,000. Due to the independent nature of case manager work, earnings can fluctuate between different employees.

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