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Catholic Charities Employment Information

Catholic Charities Jobs Overview The Catholic Church is one of the largest religious organizations in the country. In ...

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Catholic Charities Jobs Overview

The Catholic Church is one of the largest religious organizations in the country. In addition to operating churches in each state, the Catholic Church is also responsible for running charities and organizations designed to help those in the surrounding communities. Local branches run food banks and food pantries, offer overnight accommodations for the homeless, provide counseling for locals and do other things that help those living nearby. Office administrators, executive directors, volunteer managers, cooks, counselors and fundraising specialists all work in Catholic Charities Jobs. Similar charity jobs include volunteer accounting jobs and volunteer bookkeeping jobs.

Catholic Charities Jobs Education Requirements

Nearly every charity job requires a different education and experience level. Cooks working in soup kitchens or homeless shelters need experience cooking for large groups of people, and other jobs require a high school diploma, the equivalent of a high school diploma or some high school education. Fundraising specialists, bookkeepers, accountants and other types of jobs need a minimum of an undergraduate college degree. Charities also look for job applicants with a history of working for churches and religious organizations and those with an understanding and familiarity with the Church and its teachings. Local churches often hire parishioners without listing available jobs to the general public.

Catholic Charities Job Market

According to statistics, the number of church clergy positions increased by more than two percent in a single year at the same time that the median wage increased by one percent. The majority of clergy work for religious organizations and churches, but some clergy work for hospitals, home healthcare providers, nursing homes and the government. Catholic charities and organizations will have an increased need for clergy, fundraising specialists and other workers in the future to compensate for the workers retiring and those moving from nonprofit groups to private companies.

Catholic Charities Jobs Salary

Clergy working for churches of all types make a mean annual salary of $47,540, but other charity positions pay more or less. The median annual salary reported by nonprofit fundraising specialists is more than $50,000. Catholic charities pays cooks and other workers minimum wage or slightly higher.

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