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Part-time College Student Job Overview Typically, part-time, college student jobs are any jobs students have while ...

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Part-time College Student Job Overview

Typically, part-time, college student jobs are any jobs students have while they're in college, whether within or outside of the university. Most of these jobs offer flexible hours to accommodate class schedules. Some common options include:

  • Retail sales associate or seasonal retail clerk
  • Work-study through the federal government or education institution
  • Paid internships
  • Hospitality jobs, like hosting, waiting tables and bartending
  • Receptionist or administrative assistant
  • Resident assistant or teaching assistant
  • Tutoring other college students or tutoring elementary and secondary school students

Part-time College Student Job Education Requirements

Because college student jobs are usually part-time and juggled with a class schedule, they often don't have specific education requirements. Some jobs include other requirements, however, components of which may be academic:

  • Many internships require that students major in a certain field and complete certain classes for necessary knowledge
  • Work-study programs often have a financial need component and require that students maintain a certain level of academic standing
  • Bartending and serving jobs may require previous experience depending on location, customer volume and applicant competition
  • Teaching assistant jobs typically require applicants to be graduate students, though some programs allow undergraduates to serve as teaching assistants

Part-time College Student Job Market

The job market for work-study positions, internships, and teaching assistantships changes from institution to institution and yearly. Depending on the number of students applying for these positions, a university's needs will change. These jobs are typically competitive.

Part-time College Student Job Salary Information

Student jobs in retail typically pay minimum wage, and hospitality jobs earn tips that typically put earnings above the minimum wage level. Teaching assistantships come with a stipend rather than a salary and may pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000. Resident assistantships often come with a tuition or housing cost break rather than a salary.

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