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Construction Administrative Assistant Overview

A Construction Administrative Assistant will prove to be a valuable asset to almost any major site. Developers rely on these professionals to help track orders and maintain contacts with other companies. They also act as a liaison for many major forms of communication among employees, management and suppliers. Assistants help improve the efficiency of the development site by exercising excellent organizational skills for the benefit of the entire team. Their duties often include collecting and organizing documents, maintaining correspondence with other organizations, and compiling and submitting purchase orders.

Construction Administrative Assistant Education Requirements

Because the job duties of these professionals tend to vary, so too will the educational requirements. Many Construction Administrative Assistant jobs will require a basic college education. This can be just a few college courses taken by the applicant; however, if they possess a bachelor's degree, they will have a great advantage. Candidates who specialize their education in construction will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in helping manage a variety of projects.

Construction Administrative Assistant Job Market

Though the construction market has declined over the past several years, there is some demand for Administrative Assistants who are flexible enough to fulfill a few different types of duties. Assistants who become thoroughly familiar with many aspects of residential and commercial construction will find that there are opportunities for advancement in the field. Similar assistant positions in construction include Construction Project Management Administrative Assistant.

Construction Administrative Assistant Job Salary

The salary for Construction Administrative Assistants will vary to a considerable degree; the median annual income is $32,410, but assistants working on very large construction projects can expect a higher salary because their load of duties will increase. Construction Administrative Assistants should be prepared to work longer hours if they are employed with a salary job. Hourly wages may be lower, but this may be a good option for anyone using this position as a way to gain experience for a more prominent position in the field.

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