Corporate Security Manager Job Overview

Looking for a fulfilling management position that goes beyond the office? If you've got the necessary experience, you could be an ideal candidate for a corporate security management position. In such a job, you would be responsible for assessing both valid and potential security threats to a business and developing responses to such threats. You may oversee a team of security officers who provide physical security as well as network and digital security. Your work will be on the cutting edge of information technology.

Corporate Security Manager Education Requirements

If you're applying for a position as a Corporate Security Manager, then you'll need to have some experience in the private security field. If you have significant experience in the fields of emergency management or information security, then you may be considered for a position. Most Corporate Security Managers hold at least a bachelor's degree, and many more have a master's degree in a security-related field. You will need to complete a background check and earn a security clearance for any position that you accept.

Corporate Security Manager Job Market

The job market for Corporate Security Managers is generally good, as most businesses are looking to strengthen both their physical and digital security measures. However, competition for jobs can be quite fierce. You will have an advantage over other applicants if you are technologically savvy and can utilize the "cloud" technology that is quickly becoming popular with most businesses. Government contracts that focus on cybersecurity are also good choices for those who qualify. Similar positions include Security Director jobs.

Corporate Security Manager Salary

According to statistics, salaries for Corporate Security Managers range between $71,000 and $98,000 per year. Individual salaries will vary depending on work experience, credentials held and the applicant's location.

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