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Data Entry Employment Information

Data Entry Job Overview Data entry clerks work in a variety of fields ' in anything from science to finance, and in ...

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Data Entry Job Overview

Data entry clerks work in a variety of fields ' in anything from science to finance, and in any setting, from a cubicle to a home office. They may input facts and figures in a research lab, transcribe written documents into digital files or verify records before they are submitted. Data entry clerks are often equipped with specialty keyboards that feature shortcut keys to help speed up the process ' similar to shorthand when writing.

Required skills may vary, depending on what kind of data the clerk enters, but generally few skills are required outside of typing speed and accuracy, and the ability to look at a computer screen for long periods of time. Some companies handling sensitive information, such as financial or medical records, will look into a potential data entry clerk's character as well to see if they can be trusted with private information. Since data entry usually only requires a computer and a keyboard, clerks often find that they can work from home. Employees with experience have the potential to become Administrative Assistants.

Data Entry Job Education Requirements

Most data entry positions are low-skill, meaning that they don't need specialized training. However, if promoted to a higher position like Office Manager, additional education may be required. Many data entry clerks have completed some college coursework, but most employers require only a high school diploma and two to five years of experience in an office environment. Most employers are looking for self-motivated people that don't need supervision to get their job done, critical thinkers and those with excellent communication skills.

Data Entry Job Market

It's no surprise that in tough economic times, businesses are scaling back on labor-intensive data entry in-house. But where does that work go? Data entry clerks are still around, but you're not as likely to see them in an office. You're more likely to see them working from home, as this saves employers office space and the data entry clerks a commute in rush hour traffic. Finding data entry jobs online can seem daunting, but there are plenty of resources to help you find the one that fits with you.

Data Entry Job Salary Information

Data entry jobs are much like other low-skill jobs. The pay all depends on the clerk's education and experience. Applicants with college education and experience can expect around $20/hour, while those with less experience and education can expect around $10/hour. Every data entry job is different, so be sure to read up on the position before applying and find the data entry position that's right for you.

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