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Dietary Aide Employment Information

Dietary Aide Job Overview Dietary aides work with a dietitian to prepare food based on recipes for a specific ...

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Dietary Aide Job Overview

Dietary aides work with a dietitian to prepare food based on recipes for a specific purpose. Dietary aides typically have to consider health-related situations when preparing meals and recipes. A dietary aide may work in a variety of settings in different facilities or as a self-employed dietitian with the appropriate schooling and experience. A dietary aide may be responsible for planning meals based on a person's health concerns such as diabetes or other chronic illnesses. He or she must interview the person or group and plan and execute meals based on the person or people's needs. The job may also include monitoring how much a person eats and whether or not they are receiving enough nutrients and calories.

A dietary aide's daily tasks typically include:

  • interview individuals about health concerns and plan meals accordingly
  • prepare meals based on the registered dietitian or dietary technician's recipes
  • monitor clients to ensure proper food intake
  • prepare menus that are appropriate for a wide range of consumers

Dietary Aide Job Education Requirements

Most states require a person to be certified to work in the food industry in general, but many employers also require special certifications to work as a dietary aide. Some jobs offer on-the-job general training while others offer internships or more formal training such as apprenticeships. Although most dietary aide positions only require a high school diploma, some people go beyond that requirement. A dietary aide or dietetic technician may choose to receive a one-year certificate from a community college or an associate's degree to work in this field. Some people earn their bachelor's degree in a related field before becoming a dietary aide.

Dietary Aide Job Market

Because of the variety of opportunities for dietary aides, the job market outlook is positive for this field. A person may look for jobs in hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, schools, and even prisons. The specific job market is dependent on the area where a person is pursuing a job in this field.

Dietary Aide Job Salary Information

The average salary for a dietary aide in the United States is just under $30,000. The lowest percentage of dietary aides makes around $18,000 per year while the highest percentage makes over $44,000 per year. The salary is dependent on the type of employer. Dietary aides working in hospitals typically make just over $30,000 per year. Some people may also choose to become a dietary manager with enough experience and receive higher wages being in a management position.

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