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Dishwasher Job Overview The cleanliness of the tableware at an eating establishment reflects on its reputation and can ...

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Dishwasher Job Overview

The cleanliness of the tableware at an eating establishment reflects on its reputation and can make the difference between a positive and negative dining experience. Dishwashers are the people who clean the glasses, plates and silverware for eateries. The duties of dishwashing jobs typically include:

  • Retrieving dirty dishes from the dining area
  • Sorting, scraping and stacking dishes
  • Loading dishes into the dishwashing machine
  • Operating and maintaining dishwashing equipment
  • Unloading the dishwasher and putting dishes away
  • Cleaning the kitchen or food preparation tools
  • Inspecting dishes and flatware for cleanliness and defects

Dishwashers may work in any setting in which food is served, such as restaurants, buffets, coffee shops, schools, hotels and hospitals. Related occupations include food server jobs and kitchen porter jobs. Dishwashers may find themselves promoted to positions such as Storeroom Attendant or Team Leader for putting in the necessary work for promotion.

Dishwasher Job Education Requirements

For most positions, dishwashers do not need any education, although many employers prefer applicants with a high school diploma. Dishwashers typically complete several weeks of on-the-job training. Some states require dishwashers to obtain a health certificate that verifies that they are free of communicable diseases. Dishwashers will also need the physical strength to lift heavy pots and pans, and they must be able to be on their feet for long periods. With experience, many dishwashers receive promotions to other food service positions, such as server, cook or dining room attendant.

Dishwasher Job Market

There were 498,110 dishwasher jobs in the United States last year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the food and beverage industry as a whole will experience growth of 12 percent in the next decade, which is about average. As the population grows, more and more people will dine in, carry out or have food delivered, which will drive demand for dishwashers. The states with the highest employment level for this occupation are California, Florida, Texas and New York. The states with the highest concentration of dishwashers are Nevada, Hawaii, Washington, D.C. and Florida.

Dishwasher Job Salary Information

In 2013, the BLS reported a mean annual salary of $19,180 for dishwashers. The highest-paying 10 percent of dishwasher jobs offered average salaries of $23,660, while the lowest-paying 10 percent offered average salaries of $16,330. Those working in the travel accommodation industry had the highest average salary, making $23,580, while those working in drinking establishments (those primarily serving alcoholic beverages) had the lowest average salary, making $18,460. The highest-paying states for dishwasher careers are Nevada, Washington, D.C., Hawaii, Washington and Massachusetts.

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