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Electronics Technician Employment Information

Electronics Technician Overview Electronics technicians are responsible for repairing business or household ...

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Electronics Technician Overview

Electronics technicians are responsible for repairing business or household electronics ranging from computers and networking systems to televisions and more. Some technicians might also be expected to serve as representatives of a specific product, and others work with highly specialized equipment such as medical or pharmaceutical machines.

Electronics Technician Educational Requirements

An associate degree is typically the minimum level of education required to become an electronics technician, although a high school diploma will sometimes suffice. When working with specialized equipment, on-the-job training can be expected; however, applicants should have a working knowledge of electronics as a well as an eye for detail and a steady hand. The ability to work under pressure around high voltages and still maintain one's calm is another beneficial trait. Training programs centered around electrical engineering and computer technology can give potential applicants a leg up on the competition.

Electronics Technician Job Market

The job market for electronics technicians is at a plateau. With a large number of people entering the electronics field, the number of available jobs is low. There are roughly 146,500 electronics technicians currently employed across the United States with another 30,400 possible job openings. However, no growth is projected within the next 10 years. These numbers are subject to change as electronics, particularly those in automobiles, become more advanced. For those still interested in becoming an electronics technician, the military has a higher demand than civilian companies. Similar positions include Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technician jobs.

Electronics Technician Salary

Electronics technicians can expect to make between $24,000 and $74,000 a year on average with a median income of $49,500. The average hourly wage is somewhere around $27 an hour; entry-level positions bring in $22, and more experienced technicians make $35 an hour or more. Those working in military and government positions can expect a slightly higher wage than those working for corporations.

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