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Entertainment Occupations Job Overview Entertainment workers create productions that have some entertaining value for ...

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Entertainment Occupations Job Overview

Entertainment workers create productions that have some entertaining value for others. Though many people focus primarily on the models and actors, the people working behind the scenes are vitally important to the production. Directors and producers film content and edit it for a film or a television series, and directors and producers also work behind the scenes to keep the production running on budget and to ensure that everyone follows the scripted page. They also work for dance companies, theaters and studios to create live content that actors perform on stage.

Entertainment Occupations Job Education Requirements

There is no minimum level of education needed for most Entertainment positions. Some of the most famous directors in the world dropped out of film school and worked their way up from the ground floor. Actors and actress might hone their skills with classes that they take from professional acting coaches, but people can find work without a high school diploma or college degree. Directors and producers who did attend college often created a student film that let them show potential employers their skills. Some of the attributes needed to work in the Entertainment field include time management skills, the ability to think creatively and strong communication skills.

Entertainment Occupations Job Market

The Entertainment job market constantly changes and fluctuates. The Entertainment world experienced problems during the recession. Statistics show that the employment outlook for directors and producers is below average. This market will only increase by 3 percent, which is slower than average. That figure represents an increase of fewer than 3,000 new producing and directing jobs.

Entertainment Occupations Job Salary Information

Entertainment workers often produce content for the Internet, television, radio and print. The national median salary for directors alone is $135,000, which includes directors making more than $200,000 a year. Models, actors, producers and other workers may make minimum wage or slightly higher for each job they work. Entertainment positions available in the marketing and advertising industry include Advertising Graphic Designer jobs and Advertising Copywriter jobs.

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