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Environmental Engineer Job Overview

The goal of environmental engineers is to develop solutions to problems in the environment, whether man-made or otherwise. To gather solutions to problems, environmental engineers use engineering principles, chemistry, biology, botany, and other science-related information.

Problems they often deal with include human issues such as water reclamation, sewage systems, and climate change that affect people's daily lives or the agricultural industry. They also work closely with compliance officers to ensure that companies are following governmental protocols and laws.

Basic duties include analysis of environmental reports, development of engineering plans to improve the environment, providing support for any parties involved, monitoring the after-effects of all projects, and advising government agencies and private businesses on how to lower their carbon footprint. Other engineers are also tasked with improving health and safety standards.

Environmental Engineer Job Education Requirements

All environmental engineers have a bachelor's degree in an engineering-related field such as chemical, mechanical, civil, or environmental engineering. During the pursuit of a degree, many also have an internship.

Upon completion of the university program, environmental engineers get a Professional Engineering certification to prove their competence in the field.

Other skills include great written and oral communication skills, analytical skills, problem solving, creativity, and interpersonal skills.

Environmental Engineer Job Market

The job market for environmental engineers is expected to grow at a rate of 15 percent over the next ten years. Most of these jobs are through various levels of government, as they try to clean contaminated sites, as well as work towards a better system of water usage.

Environmental Engineer Job Salary Information

The average median salary for environmental engineers is $80,890 per year, or $38.89 an hour. The top ten percent of engineers made $122,290 a year, while the lowest ten percent in the field earned a salary of $49,510 a year.

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