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Event Coordinator Employment Information

Event Coordinator Job Overview Event coordinators, also known as event planners, are responsible for multiple facets ...

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Event Coordinator Job Overview

Event coordinators, also known as event planners, are responsible for multiple facets of organizing and planning an event for a third party. The breadth of events range from smaller gatherings such as weddings and company parties to large affairs such as expos, conventions, and trade shows. Candidates must possess strong attention to detail, creativity, organization, and negotiation skills.

Daily tasks for event coordinator jobs include:

  • Meeting with clients to determine event details
  • Scouting and booking venues
  • Organizing transportation if necessary
  • Hiring entertainment or keynote speakers
  • Overseeing an event while it's in progress
  • Those who excel at these aspects of the job may seek promotion to an events manager job.

Events Coordinator Job Education Requirements

Most events coordinator positions require a minimum of a bachelor's degree in an area such as tourism management, hotel management, or hospitality management, although business degrees such as marketing, advertising, or finance are also considered. Another way to enhance a resume for an events coordinator is by obtaining a certification. A certified events planner obtains their certification through one of three organizations:

  • Meeting Professionals International
  • The International Special Events Society
  • Convention Industry Council

When obtaining a certificate, candidates should join one of these organizations to help further their career down the road. Those waiting to obtain certification will gain valuable experience by obtaining a position as a events co-coordinator.

Events Coordinator Job Market

The current market for the special events industry is estimated to be worth about $500 billion annually. In the next 10 years, the market is expected to grow at a rate of 33 percent, or three times faster than the average for all other occupations. There are currently 94,200 event coordinator positions in the country, with 31,200 projected through 2022. The demand for the position is higher in cities with large events facilities and many corporate functions, such as Las Vegas, New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

Events Coordinator Job Salary Information

The average starting salary for an event coordinator is $45,810 a year, or $22.02 an hour. The top 10 percent of event coordinators make an average of $78,530, while the lowest 10 percent make $27,410 annually. Certifications and experience help increase salary over time. The amount of money made is also affected by the type of planning involved, as those who plan large-scale conventions make more than those planning small events such as business Christmas parties or weddings.

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