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Executive Assistant Employment Information

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Executive Assistant Job Overview

Executive assistant jobs, also known as administrative assistant executive secretary jobs, involve supporting high-level executives within an organization. Executive assistants often act on the executive's behalf, handling communication, scheduling, and other administrative tasks. The typical duties of an executive assistant include:

  • Reading, sorting, and responding to correspondence
  • Planning and scheduling meetings, travel, conferences, and phone calls
  • Representing executives at meetings when unavailable
  • Supervising lower-level clerical staff and delegating tasks appropriately
  • Maintaining paper and electronic filing systems and computer databases
  • Running personal errands for executives as needed
  • Drafting memos and business reports
  • Managing and researching projects
  • Maintaining basic office equipment and restocking inventory of office supplies
  • Providing superior customer service

Executive Assistant Job Education Requirements

While executive assistant jobs have more responsibility and typically pay better than administrative assistant jobs, the educational requirements are fairly comparable. As with other secretarial positions, executive assistants typically only need a high school diploma, but they often complete typing, computer, and English courses at community or technical colleges. However, employers increasingly favor executive secretaries who have bachelor's degrees. To become an executive assistant, you'll also likely need at least five years of full-time secretarial job experience.

Executive Assistant Job Market

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), secretaries and administrative assistants will see a job growth of 12 percent in coming years, which is about average. Executive secretaries, however, will see little or no change. The BLS attributes this to more and more organizations replacing executive assistants with more cost-effective administrative assistants. Lower-level secretaries and administrative assistants can typically support more than one executive, making them cheaper than higher-earning executive secretaries.

Executive Assistant Job Salary Information

The BLS reports that executive secretaries earn a mean annual wage of $53,590. The top-earning 10 percent make an average of $77,150, while the bottom-earning 10 percent earn an average of $32,830.

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