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Executive Construction Employment Information

Executive Construction Job Overview The hierarchy of a construction site is nearly as complicated as the federal ...

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Executive Construction Job Overview

The hierarchy of a construction site is nearly as complicated as the federal government. An Executive Construction career requires consistent communication between company owners, inside staff and the field workers. The executive sets timelines for numerous project managers, from plumbing to roofing, to keep each construction site on schedule and within budget. These executives are often referred to as construction managers because they must pull proper permits, work with city authorities and present construction designs to particular entities for approval. Multitasking, critical thinking and an organized mind are crucial to executive success.

Executive Construction Education Requirements

Most Executive Construction careers require a four-year degree. However, applicants can't just have textbook knowledge. Hands-on experience is necessary to understand the basics of construction. A background in welding, surveying or construction itself is extremely important. Potential candidates may have been working in the construction field while in college, for example. Although rare, some construction workers pull their way up the corporate ladder to an executive position without a degree. However, companies look for that degree in business, construction or management to narrow down their hiring search. Ideally, both experience and schooling should be part of the resume to ensure a callback.

Executive Construction Job Market

Studies suggest that a staggering 16 percent job growth is possible between 2012 and 2022. Construction strategies are shifting in today's market, requiring energy conserving practices along with sustainable materials. Executive Construction careers must move with the times to find talented people with clever ideas for the standard construction site. They may even look into other management positions, such as Construction Service Equipment Managers or Heavy Construction Project Managers. Regardless of their concentration, the market is open to experienced and educated people ready to make a difference.

Executive Construction Salary

Because of the many facets to this executive position, median salary is around $84,000 a year. Some people are near the low end at $50,000 each year, whereas experienced executives top out at around $146,000 a year. Both experience and schooling are taken into account, along with prevailing income rates in the area.

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