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Graphic Designer Employment Information

Graphic Designer Job Overview A graphic designer is responsible for creating visual ideas for the purpose of informing ...

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Graphic Designer Job Overview

A graphic designer is responsible for creating visual ideas for the purpose of informing or capturing the interest of consumers. This is done primarily by designing artwork, sound, text, and video into interactive multimedia, packaging, and advertisements using graphic design software. One-quarter of graphic designers are self-employed and either own their own business or do freelance projects.

Daily graphic designer job tasks include:

  • Creating designs and concepts to promote brand awareness
  • Determining size, arrangements, and layouts of material and copy
  • Meeting with clients to address their needs and vision
  • Producing still and animated graphics for online or television use
  • Creating presentations to show the created content
  • Reviewing, editing, and finalizing projects

Candidates interested in less technical aspects of creating media should also consider a position as a media planner, who finds pertinent information to help design graphic content.

Graphic Designer Job Education Requirements

To gain consideration for entry-level positions, employers require at least an associate's degree, although this prerequisite often applies only to the position of assistant graphic designer. To become a full-fledged graphic designer, candidates need a bachelor's degree in graphic design from one of over 300 schools that are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Certifications in certain graphic design software such as Photoshop are also highly desirable to employers.

Many art and design colleges and four-year universities now offer a master's degree of fine arts in graphic design. This degree shows students not only how to improve their technical skills, but also to realize the context of graphic design in emerging social media markets. A master's degree drastically enhances a candidate's consideration for employment in upper management, such as a multimedia creative director.

Graphic Designer Job Market

As a direct effect of the rise of electronic and digital media, as well as an increase in new products needing advertising campaigns, the demand for graphic designers is high. However, graphic designer positions are highly competitive. Therefore, even with a high demand, the projected job growth is only seven percent over the next ten years, which is slower than the average for other occupations.

Graphic Designer Job Salary Information

Assistant graphic designers make an average of $36,000 a year, or $17.31 an hour. Graphic designers earn $44,150 annually, or $21.22 an hour. The top 10 percent of graphic designers receive $77,490 yearly, while the lowest 10 percent only make $26,250.

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